I believe anyone can live a holistic lifestyle, if they are informed, given the proper tools, understand the importance of feeding their body nourishing foods, and recognize that their lifestyle choices are directly related to their well-being and quality of life
— Britt Martin of Fitbrittnutrition

Britt Martin, founder of Fitbrittnutrition, is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Holistic Lifestyle Writer, and an Alignment-based Vinyasa Certified Yoga Teacher based in Ventura + LA. She has been passionate about holistic nutrition, health, + yoga for well over a decade. While attending Cal State University Fullerton, Britt took Hatha Yoga and Nutritional classes. Shortly after graduating from CSUF with her Bachelor's degree she decided to return to school to turn her passion and life's purpose into a career. She enrolled in Bauman College's 2 year Holistic Nutrition program to expand her knowledge in nutritional science, learn about various health conditions and illnesses, and dive deeper into using a holistic approach when working with her clients and the community. She graduated from her program with High Honors. While back in school, Britt also completed her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification on the Big Island of Hawaii through Shivakali Yoga School. A lifelong learner, and fascinated with the subtle body and how emotions + events can affect one's health and well-being, Britt recently became certified in Reiki, which is healing energy work that focuses on the subtle body and providing balance. 

Britt teaches her clients how to eat based on their own individual body's needs and a food philosophy that focuses on eating nourishing SOUL {seasonal + organic + unprocessed + local} foods. Her approach also focuses on quality herbs + supplements. She doesn't believe in counting calories or dieting. Instead of a temporary, restrictive way of eating, she teaches her clients the fundamentals of eating for nourishment and gives them the tools + knowledge to live a vibrant + quality life of wellness. Britt uses her 8 Branches of a Holistic Lifestyle Approach which includes stress management tools, self-care practices, transforming the body through movement, quality ingredients, self-love rituals, + more. Britt teaches her clients the importance of balance, and makes a holistic lifestyle attainable for all with her highly-customized programs tailored to meet each of her client's specific needs + goals. She specializes in helping her client's form healthy relationships with food, and identifying the underlying causes that may be contributing to their state of health. 

While she has always loved yoga, it wasn't until she went back to school to study Holistic Nutrition that she recognized the HUGE importance and value the practice could have on her clients and helping them reach their health goals + lifestyle changes. Britt's own love for yoga comes from not just the physical workout, but the peace of mind, flexibility, connection to spirituality and understanding of her higher self it brings her. She loves being able to share the practice in private + studio settings and always holds space for her students. 

Work with Britt to nourish your body and learn how to live a holistic lifestyle- Whether through nutrition, yoga, or both! Besides studying holistic nutrition, working with clients, + teaching and continuing to be a student of both nutrition + yoga, Britt enjoys adventures + traveling, hiking with her beloved rescue dog-child {Logan}, and cooking.