Beach Essentials

With the weather getting warmer (at least in California) and summer approaching, I thought it would be a good time to share some tasty beach essentials to pack with you on your next beach day to keep you on that healthy path. 

The key to staying on track is always being prepared- that means packing snacks/meals so you are never left starving or having to drive through a fast-food joint (that's a BIG no-no ladies and gents). So on your next beach venture, consider packing a few of these tasty snacks and enjoy that sunshine guilt-free (with some toxic-free sunscreen and a good hat)

FitBritt Beach Essentials:

  • Cold-pressed juices, coconut water, and alkaline water
  • Fresh fruit like pineapple, grapes and watermelon
  • Celery, cucumbers, and carrots with hummus
  • Bell peppers with salsa and guacamole 
  • Prepackaged sushi or sashimi (from Wholefoods., for example)
  • Macadamia nuts, almonds, and pumpkin seeds
  • Veggie or organic meat sandwiches on sprouted Ezekiel bread

You can also make it an active beach day by surfing, renting some paddle boards, or by simply body-boarding or playing volleyball or frisbee on the sand.