Bhavana is a Sanskrit word that serves as a reminder that for any plant to grow well, the health and quality of the soil is most important. We set out to be the nourishing soil for YOUR community + special life events, serving as a foundation to provide a meaningful + nourishing experience. We cultivate high vibrational, unique wellness events through meditation, yoga, holistic nutrition, consciousness, sharing circles, crafts, and more. Expect lots of stellar vibes and the groundwork to be set to make these times of connection + transformation powerful and deeply rooted in love, gratitude, mindfulness, wellness, + spirituality.

Created by Britt Martin + Jasmyn Joyce  {@niyama.mama}

E A R T H {Events}- Community nature adventures

L U N A R {Celebrations}- Handcrafted events for brides. baby mamas. + divine beings. For those who want to bring wellness + mindfulness into life’s transforming moments such as bachelorette parties, baby showers, birthday parties, girl's nights, weekend getaways + more

C O S M I C {Collective}- Pop-ups, workshops, + collabs

LUNAR Packages-

We meet with each Bride. Baby Mama. + Divine Being. that we work with to make your package meaningful and a true reflection of your spirit + higher self. 

  • Rose Quartz- Brides {Wedding day, bachelorette parties + more}
  • Milky Moonstone- Baby Mamas {Baby showers, baby-moon's + more}
  • Evolving Emeralds- Divine Beings {Birthdays, girl's nights, weekend getaways, + more}

Some package options include:

Intention setting, meditation, pranayama, themed yoga classes, personal yoga therapy sessions {massage + oils}, energy healing, sound baths, healthy menu planning, nourishing food stations {like a smoothie bowl bar or avocado toast station, + more}, sharing circles, vision board making + more crafts, wellness talks, mini workshops, + more

Additional services for less stress and more well-being through any transformative time in your life:

  • Private meditation, yoga, + reiki sessions
  • Nutrition consulting
  • Additional nourishing meal/menu planning
  • Wellness workshops: New/full moon, chakra cleansing, + more
  • Wellness curated weekend getaways + retreats

Contact for more details + pricing.