Personal Holistic Nutrition + Yoga Services 

At Fitbrittnutrition I am passionate about finding the underlying causes contributing to my client’s health concerns and using holistic tools + knowledge to support their individual needs.

 I specialize in helping my clients form a lasting, healthy relationship with food and help them live a balanced life of wellness through my 8 Branches of a Holistic Lifestyle approach. 

  I recognize that each body is unique with different nutritional needs, and with this idea in mind develop custom nourishing programs that are specific to each client that I work with. 

I believe yoga is such an important component of a holistic lifestyle for stress reduction, physical activity, spiritual practice + more and offer it as part of my approach. 

Things I consider:

Your lifestyle + eating habits, current symptoms/conditions, family/health history, and environment

Areas we address together:

Proper + quality nourishment, body movement, spiritual practice, stress management tools, positive relationships, self-love, health goals, and personal growth + transformation

Fitbrittnutrition Services: 

Individual nourishment session

Not ready to commit to a month program, but ready to take control of your well being and lifestyle? Or, have you been living a healthy lifestyle, but feel stuck and need some new motivation + inspiration? A nourishment session is for YOU!


  • Consultation session {60 minutes}

  • Educational handouts based off our discussion + your needs

  • Support plan with goals + tips

Nourishing Holistic Lifestyle Program 

For those who are committed to reaching their wellness goals, addressing any health concerns, and gaining a deep understanding of their nutritional needs based on their own unique body. 

Custom programs for people ready to take control of their health and live a holistic lifestyle. 1, 3, or 6 month options available. 


  • Initial consultation session {up to 90 minutes}

  • 7 day custom meal plan, nourishing recipes + supplement/herb recommendations

  • Educational handouts

  • Weekly check-in meeting + support plan to guide you into each new week

  • Unlimited email/text support during the duration of your program

Yogi Lifestyle Program 

For those who want to deepen their yoga practice and understanding of yoga. Great for stress reduction, spiritual practice, physical activity {flexibility + strength}, confidence + more! 


  • Initial consultation session {up to 45 minutes}

  • 6 private + customized yoga sessions {60 minutes each}

  • Learn alignment, poses, and breathing in the comfort of your own space

  • Receive assistance + adjustments you may not receive in a public class

Nourishing Holistic + Yogi Lifestyle Program 

The best of both worlds! For those committed to nourishing and moving their body, while deepening their understanding of holistic living through nutrition + yoga.


  • Initial consultation session {up to 90 minutes}

  • 7 day custom meal plan

  • Educational handouts

  • Weekly check-in meeting + support plan

  • 6 private + customized yoga sessions

  • Unlimited email/text support


Holistic Boosts-

For those wanting to boost a specific area of their lifestyle, or add-ons for additional support.

Holistic Cooking 101

1:1 Yoga sessions

Grocery or Farmer’s Market Tour

Pantry + Fridge Detox

Full Home Detox

Custom Meal Plan

Mindful hikes


Contact for more details + pricing. START nourishing your body and living a holistic lifestyle!

Payment must be made before your chosen service is provided. 

CANCELLATION POLICY-  If you are unable to make your in-person or phone appointment for any reason, please email me 24 hours in advance to avoid a $25 cancellation fee.

DISCLAIMER- The information provided on is intended for educational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure a disease or health issue. Fitbrittnutrition is not a doctor and the information provided should not be considered medical advice. To be diagnosed for a health issue, please speak with your medical physician.